1. Legal Agreement:

    A. Mu Online Copyright

    We acknowledge the highest ownership of the game Mu Online by the company Webzen and all its affiliated companies and organizations and by all means if Webzen wishes that Dismis Mu Online Gaming be terminated according to its rights we are obliged to follow.

    Dismis Mu Online Gaming is running the released source MuEMU in Ragezone and is therefore granted full access and modification with the files and client.

    B.Common and Natural Law Adherance

    Dismis Mu Online gaming is bounded by the norms of society in which things that are illegal are illegal. All things which resort to civil and criminal liability is strictly prohibited and is subject to not less than account/IP ban.

  2. Game Play:

    A. Server Income and Donations.

    Dismis Mu Online gaming is free to play. You are not paying for any amount to create your character and utilize features of the game that we specify in our settings. We are not selling items for Donations. We do accept donations as a form of support indicated by our premium services.

    In order to sustain the server expenses and administration we are utilizing tax system to gain income. We encouraged players to sell their good items for real cash, we will process the transaction and we get a flat 12% tax or not less than Php20.00 in return. As in the real world government, tax evasion is a crime and is punishable to not less than account/IP ban.

    B. Bugs and Exploitation

    Dismis Mu Online gaming is not assuming a 100% bug free server however we are keeping our word to eliminate all exploitation and fix whatever we can fix to serve the common good of the players. All violators will be penalized to not less than account/IP ban.

  3. Closing:

    Thank you again for visiting Dismis MuOnline Gaming. We hope you enjoy your stay and take full advantage of the online community we are developing. Please remember that you are a guest at the Site and act with the same courtesy and respect you expect from other guests. Dismis MuOnline Gaming always reserves the right to refuse or terminate service.

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Version:Season VI
Game Play:Hunt and Build
Experience:Auto Max Level
Max Stats:Normal Build
Max NLevel:400
Max MLevel:200
Weapon Exe:Max 4 Option
Armory Exe:Max 3 Option
380 Items:Non Excellent
Socket Items:5 Sockets Non Excellent
Ancient Items:Non Excellent
Life Option:Max 7 Life Option
Item Shop:In-Game Shop
Custom Store:On
Custom OffStore:On
Total Accounts308
Total Characters598
Total Guilds16
Online Users3

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